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This site was launched shortly after the iTunes App Store launched. They provide you with the very best in iPhone and iPod Touch applications through numerous reviews and latest news sections. Their goal is to sort through the best of the best and provide you with that information so you donít have to spend your days in front of an iPhone just to find the perfect app for you. They are one of the founding members of a professional organization that is against paid editorial ($0 for review). They reserve the right to review apps that their readers are interested in and that they feel are interesting.


Instead of your standard app videos that are typically basic demos and editorials of the app, they create a high definition video review and integrate a radio/television quality advertisement to produce a fun commercial style video. The most comprehensive review site since they cover all major smartphone platforms. This site provides high quality videos (with a fun twist) of the best apps for iPhone, Blackberry, DROID, and Palm smartphone platforms. The app videos are really fun to watch and listen to. They currently offer a 50% discount to complete a video review of your app (site is in beta).


The site provides comprehensive reviews of the latest and most interesting iPhone Applications. They strive to showcase the most exciting, original and useful apps that the App Store has to offer. The reviews are informative but very inexpensive for developers since app reviews cost ($40).


iPhone App Reviews is a useful site with a nice layout of the highest rated iPhone apps. There is alot of detail about the usefulness and functionality of each app. The reviews are very in-depth and comprehensive.


This is a cool site since you can actually watch videos of the review instead of reading all the text details. Cool site with lots of videos. For developers, there are several app review packages ranging from ($30 to $150).


Appvee may be still in beta but the site has a decent number of users and reviews. The site doesnt' have huge list of iPhone apps yet, but it could grow if more people get reviews. The good thing about this site is they leverage social networking to get the word out. Nice rating system and unser interface. Very costly (as much as $150) for developers to create an app review.


The site provides an intutive user-interface so that you can navigate around and find the app you are looking for. Users can review apps and compare to different ones. The unique thing about this site is they allow the users to write their own reviews, compare different apps, save their favorite apps to a watchlist, send to a friend or even bookmark them in their user account.


AppRater is basically a typical blog where each post covers one iPhone app. It gives a quick description, a ratings and review, and some stats about the app. This is probably one of the more basic review sites.


This is a great review site with many different perspectives. Reviews start off with an overview of the application and follows up with their personal take on the app, a mini review, and the final verdict. They claim everything iPhone OS. Good site for unbiased opinions.


FreshApps tracks about 500 iPhone applications and adds about 85 new apps everyday. Itís just starting off, but itís full of great apps submitted by real iPhone users. Users can add their own opinions. This is a new site and should gain more users over time.

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